What is Happy Hacking Linux?

It's a new Linux distro created for pragmatic developers. The goal of this project is to give you a powerful, ready-to-use desktop that works fast even in an old computer. To accomplish this goal, Happy Hacking Linux takes Arch Linux and adds sane defaults that will work best for developers. Its installation wizard links your dotfiles automatically, runs your post-installation scripts if you provided one, and sets up users, fonts, display and a desktop with tiling window manager that will boost your productivity. On the other words, Happy Hacking Linux is Arch Linux plus a good developer setup.

Here are some screenshots to give you idea of Happy Hacking Linux;


Current Release: 2017.07.24
MD5 Checksum: 3b05a8da5b18e000eaa1a749a8584c5d


I made two screencasts to introduce it, one for installation, another for the usage.


Important Keybindings

⌘ + Shift + Ret Open A Terminal ⌘ + P Launch A Program
⌘ + J Next Window ⌘ + K Previous Window
⌘ + H Resize To Left ⌘ + L Resize To Right
⌘ + 1...9 Switch to Workspace ⌘ + Shift + 1...9 Move Window to Workspace
⌘ + O Toggle Top Bar ⌘ + Space Change Tiling Layout
⌥ + W Copy on Terminal ⌥ + V Paste on Terminal

P.S: If you are on a Windows keyboard, use the Windows button

Programs for Common Tasks

Terminal URXVT Browser Suckless Surf
News Reader Newsbeuter IRC Client IRSSI
Network Manager NMTUI Music Player MOCP

Important Configuration Files

Xmonad ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs Xmobar ~/.xmonad/xmobar.hs
URXVT ~/.Xresources Desktop Initialization ~/.xinitrc
X Trigger ~/.zprofile Keyboard Mapping ~/.xmodmap


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As Happy Hacking Linux is based on Arch Linux, I highly encourage you to benefit from Arch Linux' Wiki, Forum, General Recommendations.


Hey there, I'm Azer, feel free to reach me out on Twitter or via e-mail.